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Jim Dunloop


Jim Dunloop "the key wizzard" has been playing his piano for the last 39 years and has been transferring his piano technique to the finger drumming pads for 15 years...
He began with a classical education  and by the time he was 14 years old was analyzing the compositions of Gershwin and Bruback, leading to a keen interest in jazz music.
In 2001 Jim Dunloop began a collaboration with world renowned DJ and Turntablist Marc Hype ,resulting in a driving combination of funk breaks , re-edits and oldschool beats.
The live performance of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop is best defined as a mix of Djing , Turntablism , Finger Drumming and the highest of piano art.In cooperation with Goethe Institut and the AA the have played Concerts all around the Globe.