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Los Angeles

D-Styles is one of the most influential figures in the turntablism culture. Hardly anybody masters the art of turntablism as perfectly as he does. Together with DJ Q-Bert, Shortkut and MixMaster Mike (Beastie Boys) he forms the Invisibl Skratch Piklz - probably the most famous DJ band on this planet.

For D-Styles, it’s always been about turntable music. Making beats, Scratching, DJing and it’s what he lives for and something he doesn’t take for granted. As far as he’s concerned he’s still improving with absolutely no fear of the future, just an incredible passion to keep pushing forward. 

The musical range of his work has shaped a whole generation of turntable enthusiasts. But that's not all. As a "Low End Theory" resident DJ, he also wrote music history in another state in Los Angeles. The Low End Theory is a weekly producer lounge that serves as a platform for career start by international producer greats such as Flying Lotus, GasLampKiller, The Glitch Mob or Daedalus.