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Dubba Dutch


Dubba Dutch, AKA Paul Holland is a UK based Turntablist Dj and Producer. With over 20+ years experience, Dubba’s live show combines traditional and contemporary scratch music performed with the aide of cutting edge Dj technology. Merging his own unique manipulation of FX and raw samples gives a truly live approach to electronic music production via Dj technology and Dj techniques.


A regular showcase performer at leading Turntablist events throughout the UK and Europe, this fresh approach has earned Dubba Dutch national battle titles and earned respect from the scenes biggest innovators. 


Apart from being a solo act, Dubba Dutch is also a key member of an 11 piece Hip Hop Brass Band - Dat Brass who have recently released their second album after completing a UK tour and playing gigs at all the major UK festivals and live music venues. From his experience as a live electronic performer, Dubba plays his Dj rig/setup within the band like a unique instrument, adding heavy bass riffs, fx and live dubbing that add to the incomparable sound of the Dat Brass live show experience.