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Hannibal Flynt


Paris based Hannibal Flynt is a legend among the legends of electronic music. He has rocked crowds internationally with sets deeply rooted in Clubbing Music  (Hip-Hop, BassMusic, Club, Dancehall, Moombahton).  

At 88 years young, this Grandpa intends to cap off his career at the world famous Californian festival Coachella... !

Despite extensively traveling the world 2015-16 (London, New York, Barcelona, Paris Nouveau Casino, Paris VIP Room, Chill Up Festival, Mirabelle Festival, Algrange Electro Festival, Festinight 2017, Brussels, Luxembourg, Brest, Frejus, Nantes, etc ...), he managed to make time to launch his Electronic Music Label Ok.k!dZ in which he produced and collaborated on multiple projects (including the EP Party Animal). An undeniable visionary in his field, Grandpa is a must-see artist to experience.