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Steve Nash


Photo by RedBull Poland

Steve Nash & Turntable Orchestra is an innovative project combining two musical worlds - classical music and turntablism. Steve Nash's compositions are written for classical orchestra, piano and turntables supported by DJs. The sound layer is a compilation of electronic music, which is performed on turntables based on the mixed material. The whole project concentrates on the typical sounds of classical music, but is developed using new musical styles, especially electronics and jazz. The natural sounds of the piano and orchestra are interwoven with scratches generated by turntables, which act as solo instruments.Ur. In 1990 Steve graduated from the Academy of Music in Lodz . He has had many successes as a classical pianist, producer and DJ. He is the triple world champion of the International DJ Association World Championships (2012, 2013, 2015).  Steve also created a project: Steve Nash & Film Orchestra, Steve Nash & Baltic Friends, member of the Men's Glee Band 2016. Ambassador of the company Ableton Polska, winner of the "Thorunium" Medal and Golden Ticket of the Toruń "News".