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Dominik Schilling aka DOSHY suites to the classic artist type. Making music with drum computers is an existential-creative need for him and always the result of his indispensable will to express. No other way to explain his endless fund of musical projects. His repertoire ranges from electro, house, glitch to 808 productions.


For years, DOSHY has been one of the most influential music producers of futuristic beats in Europe. He is regularly quoted and played by international DJ legends such as Q-Bert or Rafik. As one of the first German producers, he had the great honor of playing in Los Angeles at the "Low End Theory" club series. In addition to his numerous releases and collaborations, he is working on his latest project. It's called Rote Schule and is an artist-community consisting of a number of  Berlin sound geeks who regularly initiate jam sessions aiming to inspiring young talents to make electronic music.