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Tony Beatbutcher


Tony Beatbutcher is a fingerdrummer, producer, and turntablist. Bringing a clash of heavybass, hip hop music, funk, jazz minded grooves, and ethnical crossover music on a special setup with midi-controllers, turntables, and Vj in the background.

Between 2006 and 2008 he worked as a Dj in Brazil and started producing music. This musician and surfer at heart spent his days making beats. His path led him to Sao Paolo where he entered the Motorola contest MotoMix, (a competition for young producers in the line of Red Bull Music Academy) and came first out of 2600 producers

In december 2010  he participated with his Dj-scratch team in the IDA competition in Belgium and Poland, and they became world champions.

He now lives in French Bask Country, works for Ableton Live and Push as a demostrator/product-specialist in Belgium and Luxemburg.