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Our performance creates an interface between the music and the marketing instrument. Music as we turn the sounds and sounds of your product into tracks. Marketing as we create a link to your business - in a language that everyone understands - music.


your brand experience

How does it work? According to your wishes, we first design a sound world. This is about content issues. What is your company and the product really made of? Which brand message do you want to transport?

Which acoustic or visual stylistic trademark of your brand or product  can be taken up in the performance. During this process, there are no limits to creativity. At the end, a composition is created - a finished product story, performed by unique musicians who have remarkable playful abilities.

Roasted coffee beans

Our workshops are aimed at companies looking to ignite creativity through fun, inclusive team activities during marketing events and seminars. Let us help you discover the potential of sound in the context of your brand!

Brand experience workshop

Our workshops are a tool to promote and develop out-of-the-box thinking by unleashing the participants' own creativity.


Together, we develop methods to elicit sounds from your product and transform them into a musical structure. The confrontation with your product and company from an unknown perspective stimulates lateral thinking.

Video is the best medium to communicate your brand. The challenge lies in making your video stand out from the oversaturated social media feeds of today. Top tier brands from the pro audio industry have already chosen to rely on our expertise - now let's talk about what we can do for you.

Video Production

Expert videographers, producers and creative directors within our team and our extended network are ready to deliver high-quality video production on demand.

Our secret weapon is the diversity within our team. Our broad expertise allows us to act as a full-service agency, streamlining communication with a unique understanding of the subject matter and ensuring quick turnaround.

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